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Image Snapper & DVR Introduction

Today's security technology is about recording and retrieving. Audiview's products are specially made to meet requirements for all level of consumers. From the amateurs to professionals, we have products made just for you.

Our image snapper (IS0001) is ideally designed and timely introduced to the marketplace as baseline picture recording device that everyone should have. The main function is it takes snapshots at those who come close to your home so you can review later when you come back.

Our Digital Video Recorder comes with stand-alone DVR (DVR0004), (DVRM2001), web-ready DVR (WDVRM2004), (WDVRM2016), and portable DVR (PDVR0001) that satisfies personal mobility needs.

The DVRs are to replace the old-fashioned analog time-lapsed tape recorders for recording video images on hard disks. Depending on your taste, from entry level to professional level, we have product for you.

The web-ready DVR allows you to remotely monitor your home or baby sitter when you are on vacation or at work. You may turn on remote recording to remotely record the event as it happening at home. In case vandals or fire destroyed your home DVR, you would have a copy of the image remotely to be the evidance.

The PDVR is designed for covert mobility video recording. It seamlessly works with our button camera and screw camera to form a perfect covert operation. This portable digital video recorder can produce high quality video recording with a fractional size to the common DVRs. Thus, it can be placed inside a person's body to collect evidence for legal purposes. It complies with MPEG4, JPEG, MP3 as well as most other CODEC standards and it can be upgraded with firmware download. Connecting to PC through a fast speed USB port, it can download your most favorable musics and video as well. Therefore, it is an entertainment center as well as a security device.

Our prices are extremely competitive as we are factory direct. We encourage you to compare and we are very confident that you will come back to us for purchase.

For features and specifications regarding our available modes, plese click the following links:

IS0001 (Image Snapshot that works with one camera)
DVR0004 (Four-Channel Simple Digital Video Recorder with Fixed Hard Disk)
DVRM2001 (Four-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Removable Hard Disk)

WDVRM2004 (Four-Channel Web-Ready Digital Video Recorder with Removable Hard Disk)

WDVRM2016 (Sixteen-Channel Web-Ready Digital Video Recorder with Removable Hard Disk)
PDVR0001 (One-Channel Portable Digital Video Recorder)

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