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4-Channel Professional DVR Introduction:

The 4-Channel Professional Digital Video Recorder (DVRM2001) is a 4-channel digital video recorder designed for professional security professionals or for those who holds high standards for the video quality and playback. This device provides highest playback real-time video quality. It complies with state-of-the-art video compression MPEG-2 standard and has excellent real-time video storage and processing power. We choose MPEG-2 over MPEG-4 for video fidelity so the recorded picture is clearer than the outcome of MPEG-4 in playback mode that will aid forensic analysis and for video production.

The operation of this DVR is as easy as operating a conventional VCR. It is not a PC. It does not require complicated PC hardware or software configuration to function. Comparing with other similar products, this is truly the most economical device and simplest operating platform. With a stereo audio channel, it enables you to a new level of audio and video recording that you have been dreaming of for varieties of applications other than just for security.

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4-Channel Professional DVR Features:

Non-PC based plug-and-play system offering most stability and least configuration headache.
Complies with digital video compression MPEG 2 standards with least compression loss.
4-channel input, configurable from 1 Frame-Per-Second to 120 Frames-Per-Second (Real-Time) recording with 30 FPS/Sec. (NTSC) or 25 FPS/Sec. (PAL) per channel.
Optionally, it allows you to edit your recorded video files with your favorite software. You may burn the video files onto DVDs and play on TV or computers.
On-Screen-Display menu set up from the display panel.
Multiple recording modes: instant recording, scheduled recording, alarm-based recording, and motion-detection recording.
Playback support: pause, frame step, zoom, fast backward, fast forward, speed ranging 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x.
Video loss detection with alarm.
Motion detection with customizable detecting area and sensitivity.
Works with removable inexpensive 40/80/120/240GB personal computer IDE hard disks.
Built-in Quad Processor, with user configurable single channel mode, full channel mode, or auto sequence mode.
Provide audio options so it can be used to copy movies or TV broadcasting.

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4-Channel Professional DVR Specifications:

Item Specification
Operation System Provide On-Screen-Display function set up
Storage Device Type Regular Hard Disk (IDE Interface)
Storage Size 40/80/120/240GB
Compression Standard MPEG-2
Compression Rate 4.5Mbps /3Mbps/ 2.5Mbps (Optional)
Resolution 704*480 (NTSC) 704*576 (PAL)
Video Format CCIR 656 NTSC/PAL
Video Input 4 Channels (BNC * 4)
Video Output 1 Channel (BNC * 1)
Audio Input RCA(47k Ohm)
Audio Output RCA (600 Ohm)
Mic. Input/Output RCA(600 Ohm)
Alarm Port RS-232 connector (Trigger Mode: N/C, N/O)
Video Type

NTSC 704*480 at 30FPS per frame
PAL 704*576 at 25FPS per frame

(Total:120 FPS)

Selectable Frame Rate NTSC 30/15/10/7.5/5/3~1 FPS
PAL 25/13/8/6/4/3/1/0.8 FPS
Display Mode

Single Channel (1CH, 2CH, 3CH, 4CH)
Auto – Sequence (1~10, 15, 20, 25, 30sec.)

Max Recording Time *55hrs (30fps, 4.5Mbps, Audio On)
*96hrs (30fps, 2.5Mbps, Audio On)
*75hrs (15fps, 4.5Mbps, Audio On)
*125hrs (15fps, 2.5Mbps, Audio On)
*390hrs (1fps, 4.5Mbps, Audio On)
*840hrs (1fps, 2.5Mbps, Audio Off)
(Based on 120Gb hard disk (4CH DVD Quality))
Recording Mode Manual/Motion Detection/Alarm/Schedule
Motion Detection Mode Full Screen or 5 motion detection zones
1~100 levels of sensitivity
Play Back Speed Search

*Random Search (One Button)
* Sequential move to previous and next clip

Password 4 Characters
Power Consumption DC 12V 3.6A
Weight (w/HDD) 8.6Lb
Dimension 16.5"(W)*13.5"(D)*2.5"(H)

*Weight and dimensions shown are approximate.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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