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IOCAM1001 Wired Intraoral Camera Features:

Strong documenting power:
- for patient records
- for legal documentation
- for insurance claims

Strong education/convincing power during clinical contact with patients
Ability to promote paperless workflow
Small camera wand (1" diameter, 8" length), light weight (2 OZs), portable, and easy to use
Work with Quad and USB controllers to display on TV and computer
Quad (5"x4"x1", 5.2oz) displays 1, 2, or 4 snapshots on TV
USB (3"x3"x1", 3.1 oz) displays 9 pictures on computer and records unlimited snapshots into computer
High resolution SHARP™ CCD Sensor
Camera wand takes power directly from Quad or USB controller. No need to power charge camera wand, no RF interference, less configuration hassle
We design, manufacture, and distribute this product by ourselves. We can offer the lowest wholesale prices to you.

IOCAM1001 Intraoral Camera Package:

If you want to save images to computer, you may connect to our USB controller and install the USB software that is included in this package. After you install the USB software and hook up camera wand with the USB controller, it only takes a mouse click to turn on/off the camera. The camera wand draws power directly from your computer thus you do not need to power charge the camera wand. You don't even need to use power adapter to power up the USB controller as it too uses power from your computer through the USB cable. The software displays 9 pictures and allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness of your image for perfect pictures. The camera wand takes good close-up pictures as well as for multiple teeth. The snapshot button on the camera wand (as shown above) is easy to reach and at the strategic location on the wand so it is easy to operate.

You may choose to use an optional foot pedal to take snapshot pictures. Please see this computer console picture (takes a little while to show up if you don't have broad band connection) to appreciate the features of the USB device. If you mouse click on any snapshot pictures, it enlarges the picture on screen immediately just like this one. You may specify picture resolution, storage format, listing previously taken snapshots, maxmize and minimize the window. It is really one of a kind truly integrated intraoral camera.

Our goal is to make you successful so we will be successful.

Package includes:
Camera Wand, USBcontroller, USB control software, Wire to controller, USB wire to computer, Video cable to TV monitor, Power adapter for USB controller (Only needed when working with TV).

Optional accessories:
100-piece hygienic sheath, foot pedal, color LED TV monitor.

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IOCAM1001 Wired Intraoral Camera Specifications:



Fixed focus lens at 0.5~1.8cm
Image Device 1/4” Interline Color CCD Sensor
Computer Integration Fully integrated with computer, capture images and can display images on computer and TV monitor at the same time.
Scanning System NTSC Standard 525 lines, 30 frames / sec.
PAL Standard 625 lines, 25 frames / sec.
Synchronizing System Internal
Horizontal Resolution More than 420 TV Lines
Electronic Shutter Control Auto-Electronic Shutter
(1/60~1/10000) NTSC
(1/50~1/10000) PAL
Gamma 0.6
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux
Video Output Level [email protected] Ohm, Composite Video Signal Output
Video S/N Ratio More than 48dB (AGC OFF)
Power Requirements DC 5V
Power Consumption DC 5V Typical 250mA
Light Source 4 White LED Light

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