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IOCAM2001 Wired Intraoral Camera Features:

Strong documenting power:
- for patient records
- for legal documentation
- for insurance claims

Strong education/convincing power during clinical contact with patients
Ability to promote paperless workflow
Small camera wand (1" diameter, 10" length), light weight (2.5 OZs), portable, and easy to use
Work with Quad, IS0001 and USB controllers to display on TV and computer
With Quad controller (5"x4"x1", 5.2oz), it displays 1, 2, or 4 screens on TV
With Image Snapper (8.6"x6.2"x1". 1.5lb), it captures and stores 800x600-pixel pictures into Compact Flash Memory Cards for viewing, printing, and archiving
With USB controller (3"x3"x1", 3.1 oz) displays 9 pictures on computer and records unlimited snapshots into computer
High resolution SONY™ CCD Sensor
Vari-focus, allowing you to view full face or a single tooth
We design, manufacture, and distribute this product by ourselves. We can offer the lowest wholesale prices to you.

Same as our IOCAM1001 intraoral camera, the IOCAM2001 intraoral camera needs a cable to connect to Quad or USB controller. The difference between IOCAM1001 and IOCAM2001 is that the IOCAM1001 is fixed focus lens whereas IOCAM2001 is adjustable vari-focus lens. Dentists can manually adjust the focus to take a full-face picture or to take a single-tooth picture. IOCAM2001 offers higher resolution than IOCAM1001. Also, IOCAM2001 is longer than IOCAM1001 (look at the camera features above).

Like IOCAM1001, IOCAM2001 works well with TV monitor via Quad Controller and equally well with computer via USB controller. Quad controllers gives you 1, 2 or 4 windows on your TV depending on your preference. USB controller gives you one live screen on TV and 9 windows on computer monitor and can immediately save unlimited images onto your computer's hard disk.

USB controller is similar to the controller for IOCAM1001. Its software works exactly the same as for IOCAM1001. The only difference is that the power adapter needs to be connected to the USB controller in order to power up IOCAM2001.

Three IOCAM2001 Wired Intraoral Camera Packages Available:
Package One:
IOCAM2001 Camera Wand, Quad Controller, RCA Video Cable, Camera Cable to the Quad Controller, Power Adapter for Quad Controller.

Package Two:
IOCAM2001 Camera Wand, Image Snapper, RCA Video Cablle, Camera Cable to the Image Snapper, Power Adapter for Image Snapper.

Package Three:
IOCAM2001 Camera Wand, USB Controller, RCA Video Cable, Camera Cable to the USB Controller, USB Software, USB Wire, Power Adapter for USB Controller & Camera Wand

Optional accessories:
100-piece hygienic sheath, foot pedal, color LED monitor

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IOCAM2001 Wired Intraoral Camera Specifications:

Resolution 480 TV Lines
Sensor Sony™ CCD Image Sensor
Auxiliary Lights Illuminated by 4 bright white LED lights
Illumination 0 Lux
Lens Built-in 3.6mm pinhole lens, adjustable focus
Hue Built-in electronic iris from low light to bright light applications
Standards NTSC/PAL available

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