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Peephole Camera & Image Snapper Introduction

Want to record who visited your home or office while you were away?

The IS0001 Image Snapper is a slim digital video recorder designed for amateur video/image recording for personal security. With a camera placed at a strategic location near your door, such as peephole or doorbell camera, or inside your office like a webcam, this image snapper can capture high quality pictures at a reduced price than if you pay for DVR. You may playback the captured images at your convenience to verify who visited your home or went into your office when you were away. As everything is saved in the standard SD flash memory card, you may download it to hard disk, tape or CD for backups with a SD card reader.

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Peephole Camera Features

   Deceiving in nature, nobody knows it is a camera from outside the door.
Wide angle 170 degree view, just like a typical fisheye peephole.
        Works with TV so you can view who's at the door without opening the door.
Easy to install and easy to operate.
Perfect substitutions for the conventional door viewers.

Image Snapper Features

   Simple setup without hassle.   
Digital photo capture and store.
        Alert you about abnormal activities as you review it.
Deter criminals from getting close to your home.
Most inexpensive security recording device.

Peephole Camera Specifications:

1/3-inch Sony color CCD sensor

480 TV lines, 512H x 492V

Video Output 1.0Vp-p/75 ohms, video 0.714Vp-p, synchronous 0.286Vp-p
Power Consumption 12VDC with regulated power adapter, 500mA
Operating temperature -10 to +45 degrees Celsius
Operating humidity 5% to 85%
Storage temperature -20 to 65 degrees Celsius
AGC +18dB maximum
Standard 1/60(1/50) to 1/120000 second
Min. Illumination 0.1Lux (F1.4)
Lens 1.7mm lens (170-degree, Super Wide Angle)
Dimension 1"(diameter) x 4" (length)
Weight 3 oz

Image Snapper Specifications:

Model IS0001 (Image Snapper for one camera)
Equipment Interface

RCA Video Input, 1 RCA Video Output
12V DC Input Power Socket, 12V DC Output Power Socket, 7.2V DC Output Power Socket for Cameras, Sensors, or Wireless Receivers
3.5mm Trigger Socket for Sensors or Foot Pedals

Compact Flash / SD Card Memory Socket

TV Output NTSC / PAL standard
Video Output Level [email protected], Composite Video Signal Output
Video S/N Ratio More than 48dB (AGC OFF)
Snapshot Function Built-in Snapshot Push-Button Switch Trigger
Snapshot Socket for Foot Pedal or Infrared Sensor Connection
Power Consumption Input DC power 12V 1A
Output DC power 12V and 7.2V for camera or other devices such as wireless receiver
Picture Quality 800x600 Pixel snapshot pictures, JPEG Compressed
Capacity Depends on the size of your compact flash card. 32Mb can store more than 200 pictures
User Interface

Live/Playback Mode Switch
Frozen Picture Display Control Switches for Up, Down, Left, Right Control
Previous/Full Mode Switch
Snapshot/Delete Trigger Switch

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