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Quad Controller Image Snapper USB Controller


Intraoral cameras have come a long way since they became more visible in the mid 1990's. They are certainly not your grandfather's Oldsmobile any more. However, we often ask ourselves why a lot of intraoral cameras demand heafty prices comparing with common consumer name brand digital cameras that have much higher image resolutions and sophistications? Does any of these intraoral cameras offer anything special other than the fact that they shape like a tooth brush? While we cannot guess the true answers for these vendors but we know our goal is to make our intraoral cameras as affordable as the household digital cameras. We are going to show you we can do it in Yankee Dental Congress 31, Boston, in January 2006 (Booth #240).

When you shop for intraoral cameras, please ask yourself what do you really need from this device. You have the following questions to ask yourself:

• Do you only need it to display the dental images to TV to educate your patients?
• Do you need to compare before/after images within one patient visit (so you don't have to save images)?
• Do you need to retrieve the historical images to show historical trend and treatment?
• Do you need to capture and store the images for record keeping or for insurance claims?
• Do you need to share the images with your associates for collaboration?
• Do you need to share more workload with your front-desk assistants so they can help alleviate your workload thus you may take care of more patients in a fixed business hours?

The above questions are very real but you have to define your goals first. We believe our solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Audiview offers three kinds of Intraoral cameras. The IOCAM1001 and IOCAM2001 are wired intraoral cameras and IOCAM3001 is a wireless intraoral camera. Also, we offer three kinds of docking controllers that provides different level of sophistications. Quad Controller provides frozen pictures with 1,2, or 4 split screens. Image Snapper saves frozen pictures onto flash memory card and subsequently upload into computer for archiving. USB controller helps you to save pictures into computer directly.

Our strength is that any of the intraoral cameras works well with any of our controllers. In fact that you may connect the Quad Controller with Image Snapper to capture and store quad pictures in a single frame picture on flash memory card. Also, you may connect the USB Controller with Quad Controller so you may display up to four frozen pictures on TV for patient viewing while you snapshot pictures into computer for yourself. On top of the above, these controllers provide AV input and AV output sockets so you may even capture and store any composite video pictures such as ultrasound images or X-ray images into computer or flash memory card with either a button trigger or a foot pedal trigger. Our product strategy paves easy migration and upgrade paths should your needs change in the future.

If you only need the intraoral camera for your hygienists to display pretty pictures on TV, our intraoral camera with quad controller does the job nicely for you.

If you need to capture and save some pictures once a while, you may use our intraoral cameras with image snapper that captures 800x600-pixel pictures onto flash memory card. You may also review them on TV, print them using a photo printer, or save them onto computer for archiving.

If you need to process and preserve the images taken as part of your office workflow, perhaps you need our intraoral camera with USB controller. This combination really opens a wide array of possibilities for you and you will enjoy endless benefits that come with this combination.

Best of all, all of the above combinations do not break your bank. We are talking about hundreds of dollars per package, not thousands. We believe we can fulfill your needs quite readily and we challenge you to compare.

Our goal is very clear, your success is our success. We offer you the best and we wish you the best! We will be very happy to explain to you all these features in greater detail if you would call us.

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Booth #240
Boston, MA
Jan. 26-28, 2006

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