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PDVR0001 Introduction

The PDVR0001 Portable Digital Video Recorder, also known as Personal Media Player, is the third generation digital video recorder comparing with the 4th generation PVR-4G. PDVR0001 is a one channel pocket size video recorder designed for personal video recording on top of an entermainment center. With covert camera, this palm size digital video recorder can be placed in people's pocket and produce high quality digital video recording for instantaneous viewing via its LCD screen. Thus, it can be used to collect evidence for legal and other purposes as well as for playing pre-recorded music CD or movie.

The operation of this mini digital video recorder is as easy as operating a conventional video camcorder. On top of it, the PDVR can play back pre-recorded MP3 music or MPEG4 audio/video. With the introduction of our PVR-4G recently, we have improved many issues related to this 3rd generation PDVR001. We have thus raised the bar for the portable video recording in this quest persuing pefection. Please read our PVR-4G page for detail.

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PDVR0001 Features

MPEG4 Audio/Video Recording / Playback function.
Voice Recording / Playback function.
MP3 Music Playback function.
Digital Photo Viewer / Wallet function (JPEG).
        USB 2.0 External Box function.

40Gb Disk Storage for 40 hours MP4 video recording.

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PDVR0001 Specifications:

Item Specification
Input • RCA 3-in-1 for AV IN
• Build-in Microphone
Output RCA 3-in-1 for AV OUT

2Mb Flash

Storage Capacity 2.5” TA/IDE Compatible HDD @40Gb  
Video Display 3.5” LCD with backlight LED Panel
Resolution 480x234 Pixels
PC Link USB 2.0 High Speed
Support mass storage
Dimension 130mm(w) x 84mm (h) x 33mm (d)
Multi-Media Support MPEG4, MP3, JPEG, G.726, RM
User Interface IR Remote Control
OSD (On-Screen_Display) Menu
Software RealOne™ Player
MPEG4 Codec Frame Rate 25~28fps for Encode & Decode
Video size 320 x 240 pixels
Audio by G.726
Voicd Codec G.726 Codec

100~240V AC to DC Adaptor

Battery 7.4V 1800mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
4 hours in video playback
100~240V AC to DC Adaptor

350g (0.77lb)


AV Cable x2
Earphone x1
USB Cable x1
AC/DC Adaptor x1
Remote Control x1
Lion-Ion battery x1

JPEG Viewer  Baseline
Support thumbnail
Auto slideshow
Zoom In / Zoom Out

*Weight and dimensions shown are approximate.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Audiview's standard one-year warranty does not cover for hard disk.

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