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Portable Video Recorder 4-G Introduction

Video recording, either analog video recording (1-G, on tape) or digital video recording (2-G, on hard disk), has traditionally been addressed with large and bulky equipment thus restricted its physical movement. A small number of vendors, including us, had tried to introduce portable digital video recorders, (PDVR0001, 3-G on hard disk), but failed to meet some basic portability requirements due to the technology limitation at the time. These PDVRs failed to offer quality video playback, small in frame size, small in picture resolution, and often PC dependent. Vulnerable hard disk on 3-G PDVR is intrinsically prone to failure as it cannot tolerate vibration or accidentally drop to the ground. On top of it, high unit cost for 3-G PDVR deters casual users from attempting to try it out.

Since we introduced our 3-G PDVR0001 two years ago, our efforts have been focused on the playback video quality and portability for the security industry. Now we are announcing our brand new Fourth Generation Personal Video Recorder PVR-4G.

Our PVR-4G records video on SD (Secure Digital) memory card thus less vulnerable to vibration. Unlike 3-G PDVRs that are PC dependent, low resolution, and high recording overhead, now you get PC-Free, high resolution 720x360 MPEG-4 near-DVD real-time playback quality on TV or wide screen. PVR-4G is battery powered, small in size, easy to hide, highly portable, easy to interface with video camera and TV. Industry standard, most optimal, and most portable MPEG-4 codec encoding gives you 4+ hours worth of video recording with 2Gb SD card. Alternatively, you may snapshot for tens of thousands of JPEG pictures with the same card. We deliberately shed the small LCD TV screen that was on PDVR0001 in response to our user's feedback because the small TV screen on 3-G PDVRs can only offer low resolution personal entertainment rather than for mission critical high resolution personal/public security.

The effect of our approach renders a device that is smaller in size, lighter in weight, more tolerable to abuse, and yet powerful enough to raise the bar for the entire security industry. The added bonus is that we have made it extremely affordable for everyone.

With proper shielding and fire/water protection, PVR-4G can even be used as a blue print for the applications for homeland security, national defense, or private airplanes. For example, a private airplane owner can use it as a cheap alternative to the commercial airline black box inside his/her airplane. Although FAA does not require private airplane to carry a black box on board, legal protection for the owner is always beneficial. With equipment such as PVR-4G, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars, one would be able to pay much less money for a speed dome camera (our upcoming product in the near future) and PVR-4G package that can record pictures for all key gauges, cockpit activities, and conversation to aid investigation should any accident occurred. In our view, PVR-4G's impact is profound and it can change the way we used to think about video recording and greatly benefit the entire security industry.

PVR-4G General Usage:
• Private Investigation
• Crowd Control (in public gathering or sport events)
• Traffic Accident Recording (when connected to, say, front or rear view cameras)
• Covert Evidence Collection
• Aerial or Underwater Video Recording (when used in remote control airplanes, search rescue helicopters, or submarines)
• Homeland Security (when used in public transportation such as buses, trains)

• Private Airplanes (as the personal cockpit video recorder on a small and useful scale)

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Portable Video Recorder 4-G Features

  Digital Video Recording Compression: MPEG-4 near DVD quality
Video Payback Resolution up to 720x 360, 30fps/sec. Real Time
Maximum Recording Time: Up to 4hrs. (±10%) with 2Gb SD Card
Maximum Operating Time: Unlimited with adapter, 2+ hours with internal rechargeable battery
Data Stores in SD Flash Memory Card, less vulnerable and more recoverable than hard disk for portability and high risk requirements
Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Smallest, Lightweight, Portable (5.5"x3"x1", 6.7 OZs)
Control / Date Time Setting. (OSD Menu)
Display SD Memory Capacity

Computer Independent Operation, Display on TV Directly

Recording Hours Estimate:

SD Card Capacity Video Recording Time Snapshot Photos
256MB 38 Min (±10%) 5,800pcs (±10%)
512MB 75 Min (±10%) 11,600pcs (±10%)
1 GB 150 Min (±10%) 23,200pcs (±10%)
2 GB 300 Min (±10%) 46,400pcs (±10%)

Portable Video Recorder 4-G Specifications:

Video Playback MPEG-4 , Encode and Decode (near DVD quality)
Image Resolution Video Recording 720x360 MPEG, 30fps/Sec, Real Time Snapshot 640x480 JPEG
Capacity SD Flash Memory Card of Any Size
AV Input Composite AV input × 1 (Phone Jack 3.5mm)
AV Output Composite AV output × 1 (Phone Jack 3.5mm)
Display TV Screen of choice 
System Format NTSC/PAL
Status Indicator LED × 3 ( Power = Green , Record = Red, Snap = Yellow)
Power Source Internal: Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries. ( 12V, 800H/mA)
External: AC charger/adapter
Power Consumption Typical 300mA (±5%)
Dimension & Weight 140mm (L) x 75mm (W) x 27mm(H) (5.5"x3"x1") 190g (6.7oz)
Operating Temperature -10° C~ 55° C
IR Remote 30 degree / 10 meters (38KHz carrier / 3.3V)
Package Includes AC Charger / Adapter, Li-Ion batteries (already installed), AV cable.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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